Tips for Beating the Back-to-Term Blues

Whether you’re excited to get back to Cambridge or not, the thought of getting back into the swing of term-time; the lectures, the deadlines, the supervisions, the essay crises … it’s never appealing after spending the last month to putting your feet up and enjoying yourself.

But it’s not all that scary. Soon you’ll find yourself back in the bubble again; swanning around hiding bottles under your gown at formal hall, whizzing around scaring tourists on your bike down kings parade, doing all the things which seemed like everyday normality by the end of Michaelmas Term but (after a brief reminder of what the real world is like) now seem a bit abnormal and inexplicable to your friends at home.

But now you’re back, it’s time to embrace it! It’s possible to make the long and cold Lent Term into the best term yet. Here’s a few tips for beating those miserable back-to-term blues.


Reconnect with friends

You can find yourself out of touch after coming back from Christmas. It’s very easy once you’re out of the bubble to slip back to the world of home, and in the same way that you never manage to keep up with your home-friends while at Uni, you may have found the reverse has happened while you have been away. Take an evening to sit in the bar with some mates and hear all about each other’s holidays. All the family rows, all the new year dramas… get stuck into each other’s stories and share some laughs before it’s all forgotten in the whirlwind of lent term.

Aww how wholesome...


Plan some fun nights out

Take advantage of some of the fab events going on in your college or in the clubs around “Refreshers Week”. There are bops all over, May-Ball launch parties to get you hyped for summer, and January discounts in pubs and restaurants all over Cambridge. Rally your mates and commit to a few late nights before term gets too stressful. It’s a great way to boost your spirits and make some memories which will leave you remembering Lent Term as the best term.

So much going on here...


Buy yourself new stationary

No one is keen to go back into lectures… but you might be keen to whip out your BRAND-NEW HIGHLIGHTER SET?! Not everyone would admit it, but we all get a little bit excited by bit of new stationary. Whether that’s a sexy set of fine-liners, a high-spec Casio Classwhiz FX-991EX, or even just one of those 4-colour Bic Ballpoint pens with ALL the colours actually working! Splash a couple of pounds in Rymans and brighten up your January. (They do a student discount too btw)

Nothing beats a brand new one of these babies...


Make a healthy change

You may have already broken your new year’s resolutions to get fit, get healthy, train more, eat less etc etc etc… but that doesn’t mean it’s all over for a healthier, happier you this term. Try making one small but significant change which will be easy enough to implement but will benefit you significantly this term. Try going to the college gym once a week, or adding an extra portion of vegetables instead of chips in the college buttery. How about choosing to not have a full fry-up at brunch this weekend, (or perhaps only one sausage, not two...?) Or no cheesy chips after Lola’s this week… OK that one was stupid… make a change that’s realistic at least!


Clean up your calendar

Take some time to sit down and sort your life out. Open up google calendar and add all the lectures, the supervisions, the deadlines, the parties… add anything that cannot be missed this term.  Allocate time, plan around the important bits, and don’t forget to leave a bit of white space in there too. It’s a great way to feel incredibly organised and professional, when you know for sure you aren’t. And above all, you’ve just spent an hour or so doing something “productive”… now doesn’t that feel good?

(Was going to insert a screenshot of my google calandar in here but was too embarassed lol)#


Cook a slap-up meal with mates

Whether you have any ability in the kitchen or not, getting all your mates to cook a big meal together is always a great laugh, especially if you open a can of beer BEFORE cooking. Set out on a lads’ trip to Saino’s and argue for half an hour in the pasta aisle, steer your friend away from the pizza counter then go and impose yourself on that other friend who is the only one with an oven. Onions will be flying, pans will be burning, sauces will be spilling and vegans will be complaining, but the whole process will take long enough that by the time you’ve actually produced anything half-edible, you’ll have got through 4 bottles of wine and it will taste magnificent. Just be sure to hide from the housekeeping staff when they turn up in the morning…

And if you forgot to bring your own cutlery you will be eating with your hands...