Exams are done! So what now?

Whether you’re a fresh-faced first year just finishing your first Cambridge exams, or a grizzled veteran sixth year, you’re probably now looking for something to fill the meaningless void of existence that comes after exams. Well we like to help you out wherever we can, so here’s a not-quite-comprehensive list of everything you can do with your life now.

1. Play HQ.
Honestly we’re obsessed with it here at LKD Headquarters, and if we could do an HQ themed night we probably would. 3pm, 9pm and 2/3am see us hitting the app in a pointless attempt to prove we’re smarter than the other 160k playing. We’re not. But we’re sure someday we will be, and if your exam-term brain is now lacking any intellectual engagement, this could be your answer.

2. Go on a picnic to Grantchester.
I did this yesterday and it was SO much fun. A duck ate out of my hand and it was quite possibly the highlight of my year so far. It’s the simple things in life.

3. Visit the Big Fish website.
Okay so I had to sneak this one in there. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already a step ahead of me, so well done.

4. Watch Love Island.
Okay so I’ve got to admit I’m a bit sceptical about this one. But everyone (and I mean everyone) I know has been talking about it, and since we’re only 3 episodes into the current season, it seems about the right time to get into the show.
I’ve just watched the first five minutes as….research. From what I can gather, it’s like Big Brother, but on a beach, and the aim is to hook up. If you’re successful, by the end you can leave with a boyfriend and £50,000. What’s not great about that?

5. Have fun, partake in astute political commentary and become a style icon.
It’s a few days before Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un, and we’re promoting PEACE and LOVE with our LKD motto DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS. To spread the love even more, we’re doing a free T-Shirt giveaway at Lola Lo and Fez tonight. To have an amazing time and support our message, come down tonight and get your free tees!