What would Caesar say?

Every year on May Bank Holiday Sunday, tabloid journalists descend to Jesus Green to take photos of students having fun, in a tradition we call ‘Caesarian Sunday’. In all honesty, it’s just a big boozey picnic for students to let loose before starting revision. Having said that, we can admit that such a phenomenon is just a little bit weird.


In a brave move of investigative journalism, I decided to find out more. So I turned to the most reliable resource I had: Facebook.

Elite Cambridge students immediately pointed out the connection between ‘Caesarian’ and Julius Caesar, and explained why the Roman Emperor was linked to drinking societies.

Some had confused ‘Caesarian’ (relating to Caesar) with ‘Caesarean’ (as in a C-section), with...actually pretty plausible logic behind it.

Meanwhile, others had convincing explanations as to why we celebrate the Roman Emperor on this day.

And others...well others had an entire backstory worked out.

So, having spotted the connection between Julius Caesar and Caesarian Sunday, we ask an important question: what would Caesar say?

“I think he’d be up for it” claims anonymous expert PhD Classicist. A quick wiki search shows Caesar to have been a bit of a rebel, starting a civil war and not doing what he was told. He was also a playboy, with three wives, many suspected lovers, and a whole pile of illegitimate children.

Another Classics expert took a rather more aggressive view, stating “Caesar was an irresponsible self obsessed maniac who cared about maintaining his brand above the wellbeing of anyone else around him. So I'd say he's pretty solid drinking soc lad material.” Ouch. That’s gotta hurt more than 23 stab wounds.

So on the whole, we’re saying Caesar would be fine with C-Sunday being named after him - he’d probably have joined in the fun. Despite Caesar’s approval however, the tabloids still take a rather dim view of the day, exclaiming their disgust at students being students. Apparently, the cheerleading society was in fancy dress...as cheerleaders. Oh, the horror!

Yours truly finally achieved her lifelong ambition of appearing in the Daily Mail as a “friend” on a “boozey day in the sun”. What a claim to fame.

Meanwhile, 7th May sees ‘Caesarian Monday’ hit Cambridge. Thousands of students flock to the Sidgwick Site for a day of debauched learning. Students sit, decadently in their libraries with shelves full of books, while in the very same city families try to enjoy the Bank Holiday sun.

Some students, woozy from the copious amounts of learning, take 40 winks as their friends revise on.

‘Caesarian Monday’ marks the beginning of revision parties for the summer term, ending in the notorious “Suicide Monday” where everyone spends the day hungover in bed. Honestly, I can’t wait.