Easy Like Sunday Morning

So, it’s that time of year again. Exams are looming, hayfever is threatening, and sobriety is overwhelming. You’re back, that first Wednesday Cindies or whichever ~ e d g y ~ night you decided you had to go to is about to be over and there is nothing standing between you and exams. But WAIT! Caesarian Sunday is there to save you. And then possibly land you in hospital before you make it past dinner, let alone Jesus Green. So, although C Sunday is supposedly originally named after the Jesus Caesarians, we often like to think of it as Caesarean Sunday instead. A much more fitting name, as it is 6 weeks between C-Sunday and the first Sunday of May Week. 6 weeks is what the NHS recommends you wait before you start doing things like driving (the only driving you’ll be doing is driving your pre-lim pals up the wall with your antisocial library hours), exercising (apart from your brain. And your dominant hand.), carrying anything heavier than your baby (your laptop) and having sex (my DoS warning us not to have sex kinda killed the mood anyway. And Mean Girls).

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This year, we want to embrace the Caesarean side of C-Sunday. It should be 24 hours of fun and frolicking, and so you've already booked yourselves in for a boozy dinner and bought your ticket for Vinyl (ew) after that, but… look deep into your soul, and ask yourself… are you really, REALLY going to wake up from your post Jesus Green nap??? Well don’t worry, because we have a plan. We’ve decided you’re going to have an epidural, for some sweet sweet relief. Epidural Saturday is your golden ticket to that nap turning into a guilt-free temporary coma until Monday, whilst dreaming happily knowing you still had a full 24hrs. That’s what you want from a C-section I guess, for it all to be over soon but knowing you still put in a good shift to get to the end. So, this C-Sunday will be better than anything Julius Caesar could ever have dreamed of – rather than 23 stabs to the death, go to Fez the night before for one tranquil injection that will give you the strength to continue through to Jesus Green and binned bliss.

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I personally love C Sunday. I’ve done it both as part of a soc, and part of a friendship group (there was one year where I spent it in a 5 hour study session, but I don’t wanna talk about it), but even though I love it, I HATE the stubbornness that would carry me through to making it out that Sunday night. Loads of us have been wishing for a Saturday night to start it off nicely, rather than a grim af Sunday night to end it in more ruins than your outfit will be in. If you haven’t been wishing this then you a) didn’t realise you wanted one, or b) you’re an absolute weapon.

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I wished for a night which meant that the following Monday would be spent recovering from a hangover, rather than with a concussion from some guy who got tangled in his costume outside Life and fell on my head. A Saturday night that will be like playing Cards of Humanity and drinking chocolate milk spiked with vodka from midnight until 6am and then ordering pizza for breakfast, but with all your Cambridge friends at once. Whether you’ve got initiations to run and you want your new recruits to prove they have the stamina to pull an all-nighter and smash through the following day, or you just want a night out on the weekend where you can actually have fun with your mates – rather than the majority of the club being taken over by dead-eyed lads who’ve had one tactical chun too many – here is your night. When midnight strikes, be ready to get knocked out.