When Was Your First Time?

The year was 2014. The location? Cambridge. I was young, innocent and pure.

I was freshly moved in to my accommodation. Never before had I experienced the trauma of 9am lectures. Never before had I had the horror of 1:1 supervisions. More importantly…

Never before had I gone clubbing.

This, shockingly, changed over the years.

Now I know what you’re thinking: what the hell did you do with your Sixth Form years, revise? Well, yes. Also, I’m not exaggerating when I say I lived in a field, which isn’t the best for nightlife.  The nearest club was a 55 minute taxi ride away and my poor juvenile pocket money couldn’t stretch to the cab fare. In short, I was a bit of a loser.

Quite frankly since my nearest city is Lincoln I wouldn't have gone out anyway. 

To put it bluntly, I was terrified. I honestly had no idea what you were supposed to do, who to go out with, and what this magical thing called ‘clubbing’ was all about. Luckily, I had the incredible fortune to meet some amazing people on the very first day of freshers, who are still my best friends now (shoutout to Fate for doing me a solid there).

We didn’t go out on the Saturday (obviously, no one goes out on the Saturday, so I’ve learnt). This meant that Sunday night I was ready to face my fears and step foot for the first time into the wondrous world of Cambridge clubbing.

It was a Sunday night. The club was Lola Lo. The night? Big Fish Bop.

Luckily or unluckily as the case may be, I’d been to a college ‘back to school bop’ beforehand, so I was wearing my old school uniform. Now, this worked out in my favour in so far as I didn’t have to panic about what to wear etc. However, it also meant that I was sweating through a white button up blouse and wearing a tie the first time I went out, so you win some you lose some. PRO TIP #1 - get changed after the bop. It doesn’t matter what you wear, unless it’s your old school uniform, which you will regret forever.

Pls don't make my mistakes.

I actually hadn’t drunk that much at the bop, because I was obviously mortified about the prospect of embarrassing myself, but the lure of £1.50 Jagerbombs soon put a stop to that. One of my new freshers friends also introduced me to the wonder of tequila slammers, the staple shot of any night out, and the night was on its way.

For the sake of the story, I sort of wish I’d done something embarrassing, but I was actually way too wholesome as a fresher for anything of the sort. I did have fun, however, watching other people embarrass themselves, including boys trying to work out whether acting like lads or like dorks was going to get them more action. (Ironically, the guys were from Girton, which put a stop to the idea of any girls going home with them as soon as they mentioned it #busjourneyofshame).

Unless you're cycling to that booty call you better be ready to fork out for the bus.

I was having a good time, as nights go - it didn’t seem hugely different to what I’d expected, if slightly smaller than I thought it would be, and I couldn’t seem to find the toilets. Then I got a text from a new friend: ‘come upstairs!’.

...there was an upstairs?!?!

So clean. So shiney.

Upstairs turned out to be a magical wonderland of tiki bars and light up dance floors. There were cheap drinks, and the DJ played Come On Eileen, which is honestly all a northerner like me could ask for from a night.

Then we discovered the ROOF TERRACE, which is beautifully canopied with fairy lights and is always full of lovely people happy to give away their cigarettes. Or you can buy them at the bar, as I later discovered to my dismay, as I was no longer morally justified in taking them off strangers.

With three floors, there was something for everyone, and it turns out I’m easily pleased and liked all three of them.

I’d say no night ever lived up to the experience, but I then proceeded to go to Lola’s once a week for the next three years, including the first Sunday of freshers week. After years of experience, I’ve now evolved into my final form, and you’ll see me loitering outside Lola’s tonight with a clipboard, introducing the wonders of Cambridge clubbing to a whole new generation (my college great-grandkids jesus christ). Bonus points if you come and say hi to the old withering 5th year reminiscing her youth.

This could be you (I wish it was me). 


When was your first time? Drop us a comment or fb message, and we’ll pick the best one to receive a Big Fish Card for a whole year of free entry. We are benevolent overlords indeed.