5 Things You Won’t Miss about Cambridge and 5 Things You Will

You’re leaving at the end of this week, if you haven’t gone already. But what did you gradu-hate about Cambridge and what was gradu-great?


Things you won’t miss:

1. Van of Life cheesy chips

Let’s face it, they’re gross. Sure, it’s the food of life (see what I did there) when you’re off your tits at 3am post-Lolas, but have you ever tried them sober? No, didn’t think so. 10/10 wouldn’t recommend.

1b) Gardies cheesy chips



2. How sticky everything is.

Okay, we love Life. (The club, that is, not the metaphysical concept. Cambridge killed that for us.) But it’s SO STICKY. Same goes for Cindies. And Lola’s. And...let’s not mention Fez. I swear clubs in other cities aren’t that sticky? Well, looks like there’s one benefit to growing up.

3. Lectures

You won’t miss them because you never went tbh. Unless you’re a science student, in which case I’m assuming you went, had a nap, and then just revised from the handout. Either way, when you’re reminiscing in 20 years, lectures will not be the things you remember.

3b. Supervisions

Mainly because you’ve repressed them.


4. College accommodation

It’s cramped, it’s damp and it needs a revamp. Luckily, you’re probably moving back home with your parents because you can’t afford anywhere yourself, so now you get the joys of a nice room, an oven and a freezer, before your parents get sick of you and kick you out. Good luck with that.

(Plot twist: none of the rooms actually looked like this)


5. Hall food

I’m not sure what’s worse, mushroom crumble or generic vegetables in red sauce. I mean, maybe the meat options are better, but if I never see another tofu curry again I’ll be happy.

(Lentil loaf, tasty stuff...)


But what about what you will miss?

1. Your friends.

I guess this is a no-brainer, but everyone disperses after graduation and you sometimes don’t know when you’ll see them again. Some of them will have city jobs, some of them are heading off to travel round Africa for 6 months and you’ll have to deal with FOMO from their Instastories. That’s life. It sucks. Make the most of them while they’re here, and call them when you’re drunk (trust me it’s worth it).

(This is where all your mates will be next year)


2. Sacking off work for Netflix

Your DoS never knows when you say you’re working but are actually on Netflix. Your boss probably will though. Having said that, I’ve had Love Island on in the background at the office today, so maybe you just need to work for Big Fish for those kind of perks (https://bigfishents.com/careers hmu kids xo).

(We have this pic saved on the desktop and it's my mission to use it in every blog post till LI is over tbh)


3. The excuse ‘I’m a student’

Sure, you didn’t get to bed till 5am, but it’s okay because you’re a student. You have no money, because you’re a student. You’ve been drunk 10 days straight, but it’s fine...you’re a student. Keep using this excuse until the end of the week because that’s all you’ve got left (sorry).


4. The fact every building looks like a castle

Yes the place is falling down around our heads but isn’t it pretty?


5. Cheesy club nights

Okay, so I know I said you won’t miss the stickiness of the clubs. But the club nights themselves? In 6 months you’re going to find yourself reminiscing about that light up dance floor at LKD and craving 4 VKs for a tenner. Trust me, I live here post-graduation and I still get nostalgic about it.

Maybe time to start considering a Masters?

Peace out, and congradulations xo