The Most Terrifying Things For Cambridge Students (to try and dress up as for your bop tonight)

Halloween is creeping round the corner and with bops galore we’ve compiled a list of the scariest (and most Cambridge) Halloween costumes to strike fear into the hearts of even the boldest Cambridge students.

Your Supervisor

Tweed jacket, bad stubble and an X-Ray glare, this living nightmare haunts your supervisions and now he can haunt your nights out as well.


ARU students

Chavvy, muscley, tattooed and with a semi-shaved eyebrow. Infinitely cooler than you. Sorry.


A 9am Lecture

Why delay the horror of the inevitable? I’m not really sure how you’d dress up as this beyond getting a Sidgwick Site sign as a sandwich board, but it’s still the scariest thing you can think of.


3am in Cindies

You know that moment when the lights come on and you suddenly see the face of that guy you’ve been grafting all night? Yeah, that. But as a Halloween costume.

(I’m joking, these guys are the least of your problems...)


Cambridge Union Membership

You paid the £200 in Freshers Week and insisted it would be worth it. You’ve only been to one event since then and it was Stephen Fry talking for 20 minutes. Think of how many VKs you could’ve got for £200 (120 on Jelly Baby at Cindies)


The question ‘What are you going to do after graduation?’

Massive NOPE.


Management consultancy

The London cesspit we’ll all end up in, regardless of which degree we do. You might have big dreams now, but ten years down the line you’ll be grateful for that internship you took on your gap year because they’ll be the only place that’ll pay you.


The University of Oxford

If there’s one thing that makes Cambridge students’ knees tremble and has them running for the fens it’s the Other Place. Could you dress as the dreaming spires and terrify little freshers? Yes. Please take pictures.


St Johns

I’d rather be at Oxford than St John’s. Enough said.