10 Ways High School Was Better Than Cambridge

Do you ever sit in lectures daydreaming about times when life was simpler? If not, you really should, because life was about 10 times better in Year 11 and let me tell you why. 


1. Big classes

Remember when you could get away with not contributing in class because there were like 30 of you? No more. The closest you can hope for now is that your supervision partner is more of a nerd than you are and actually prepared for the supo, and spends the whole time talking about their essay.

There's 0% chance of flirting in supervisions and no one knows what day it is because weeks start on Thursdays.


2. School buses

Honestly I did NOT appreciate having a nice speedy bus to take me door to door each day. Now I have to CYCLE to lectures. Wtf. Isn’t actually going to lectures punishment enough?

The best ride of your life.


3. PowerPoints/videos in class

The best classes were when the teachers were too lazy to prep for their Year 10s so they just downloaded a PowerPoint from the internet or stuck up a video on YouTube summarising the whole plot of To Kill A Mockingbird. Now the best teaching you’ll get is an old white man droning on for an hour about racism in 1930s America, and if you’re lucky he’ll put his details on a single slide so you remember what his name is when you’re complaining about him later.

Is this a lecturer or an actor from the 1960s? You'll never know. 


4. Interactive Whiteboards

Well, not the whiteboards themselves so much as the 20 minutes it took at the start of every class for the teacher to work out how to switch it on and then make the sound work. Those sweet sweet wasted moments of bliss.

Stop lying Mr Smith we all know you have no idea how to make it work.



God I miss snow days. Not only is it all pretty outside but you don’t have to go outside! It’s perfect.


6. School trips

Okay so this one I’m less convinced by after a very traumatic incident in Derbyshire in Year 8, but there was always something really magical about getting the day off school to go to Alton Towers, even though in retrospect it was overpriced and overcrowded, you spent half the day queuing, and felt sick after ten minutes (why does this sound so much like Vinyl?).


7. Parents Evening

I’m not going to lie, I was a massive nerd at school. Quite frankly I was the teachers’ pet, and it was fantastic to have an evening once a term where I got to go along with my mum and hear about how great I was. I genuinely think my ego has taken a swan-dive since Parents’ Evenings stopped being part of my life, and I’d like them back thank you very much.

Possibly the highest my self esteem has ever been. 


8. Time

I can’t believe I thought I was stressed out when I only had half an hour homework to do on a weekend before watching Doctor Who.

Yes I went to high school in Russell T Davies era so sue me. 


9. Curfew

Do you ever wish your mum still had control over when you went to bed? I don’t think I’ve had a full 8 hours sleep since high school and honestly this is why.

This bad boy used to be the bane of my life. 


10. Lunchtime

Ditto with the sleep thing. Remember having a whole hour at lunch just to hang out with your friends, every day? That’s the dream. THE DREAM. Now if you want to eat together it’s expensive hall food that’s really just dry oven chips or soup made from last night’s leftover vegetables, and it makes you long for the cheese and bean paninis the dinnerladies used to sell. Life is tough.

No regrets (though some cholestrol problems).