Festive Fix: Pros & Cons of Hooking Up With Your Colleague at the Office Christmas Party

Christmas is a wonderful time. The decorations, the food, the presents, and - most importantly - the office Christmas party. Be it getting too drunk, throwing up everywhere, or alienating your co-workers by refusing to go to Let’s Kill Disco at Lola Lo’s - the only place to be on a Thursday night – afterwards, there are several inalienable lines you cannot cross at the office do.

However, deciding to mix work with romance for the evening by hooking up with one of your colleagues lies in something of a grey area. To help you decide whether it’s worth it, here’s all the pros and cons of chirpsing that cutie you spend 8 hours a day with most days of the year, courtesy of Big Fish Ents.


  • Perfect way to introduce the concept of an open marriage to your partner.
  • Your boss could find out and give you a high five.
  • If the party is at the office, it might be cool to have sex in a spinny office chair.
  • Opens the possibility you’ll be having sex non-stop when you return to work.
  • It will give Janet from HR someone new to gossip about instead of her children’s primary school teachers. God, she’s so annoying. Why is she so obsessed with the fact her daughter’s headteacher is a widow? Come to think of it, would you even want someone like her nattering about your one-night stand for the next month?


  • Janet from HR will gossip about it for weeks.
  • Considerably harder to ghost someone who works in the same building as you.
  • Everyone else in the office who fancies you will get insanely jealous and tear your crush apart limb from limb.
  • You have a pretty good thing going with that Tinder match who’s messaged you back a couple of times – do you really want to throw all that away?
  • Your co-workers will finally discover you’re a disappointment in the bedroom as well as at your job.