Friday Fix: Let's Kill Disco vs Cambridge University

Cambridge is world-renowned for two things: its university and the three floor Tiki-paradise clubbing experience that is Lola Lo's. Cambridge is inundated with ignorant, oblivious tourists who worship the legacy of the university like it's spent the past 800 years changing the world or something - very few throng to the city's hidden gem, Lola Lo's.

As anyone who frequents Lola Lo's Cambridge will know, it's excellent - especially on Thursday nights when Let's Kill Disco take over. But people, like livestock, take a lot of convincing if you want them to go against their instincts. Any schmuck on the street will tell you they think that Cambridge University is an objectively better entity than Lola Lo's, but that's exactly what the Mainstream Media want you to believe. In this week's Friday Fix I can finally give you, my treasured readers, the unbiased, absolute, side-by-side comparison between Lola Lo's and Cambridge University - so you may decide for yourselves which is truly superior.