Love Island, The Islanders so far

Every night for the next 8 weeks, the nation comes together at 9pm to watch Love Island. It’s probably the biggest TV event in the UK – sorry, FIFA, the World Cup ain’t got nothing on this TV gold.

Apparently there were more applicants for Love Island than there were for Oxbridge universities this year, but that's no surprise really. 8 weeks in the sun, or 3 years of stress? It's a no brainer.

There’s only been two episodes so far, but I reckon that’s enough to get the general gist of who the Islanders are this year. So, here’s a rundown on the contestants so far.

Laura Anderson

She's been slammed for being ‘Olivia Attwood part 2’, however I think that some of the Islanders resemble previous contestants. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she had doubts about Wes, then changed her mind when she found out he had money...

Dani Dyer

People thought that ‘my dad is Danny Dyer’ would be the next ‘I was in Blazin’ Squad’, however Dani is probably the most genuine girl in the villa so far; you best Adam and Eve it.

Hayley Hughes

She’s currently coupled up with Eyal, however I think he’s a bit too deep and spiritual for her; after all, he had to explain to her what ‘superficial’ meant.

Samira Mighty

Being the last girl standing, Samira ended up with Alex – it reminded me of P.E. back at school when you pick people to be on your team, and the last person standing always feels shit. Honestly brutal.

Kendall-Rae Knight

She started out being with Niall, but then Mr Steal Yo’ Girl Adam came along and snatched her up. She said she was happy with Niall, but her and Adam shared their first kiss on the show last night… it’s like Muggy Mike all over again.

Wes Nelson

Little bit apprehensive about this guy, since he said he thinks he’s like the aubergine emoji… we’ll let you guess as to why he said that. Someone also described him as non-league Dele Alli, which I think is SPOT ON.

Niall Aslam

As a nation we should come up with a #NiallDeservesBetter campaign, because he’s so pure. Plot twist: him and Alex couple up.

Eyal Booker

He describes himself as a ‘spiritual person’, but really he’s like the lad from Inbetweeners 2; just you watch, he’ll start playing spiritual music around the fire pit soon.

Adam Collard

It’s Mr Steal Yo Girl. Niall said 'don't trust a man with abs as good as his' and I think he's on to something there.

Jack Fincham

I’m gonna refer to him as Bic, since he ‘sells pens’ for a living. Genuinely concerned for his safety if he ever messes Dani around, because Danny Dyer will be after him.

Dr. Alex George

None of the girls stepped forward for him when he arrived in the villa, and Hayley even said that he was ‘too professional’ for him… what’s wrong with girls these days?! HE’S A NICE GUY. 

Rosie Williams

As a newbie, we don’t know much yet. But she’s a solicitor, so maybe she can be the professional girl Alex needs.

Georgia Steele

Another newbie, who seems to resemble Dani a little… the producers definitely have their own type on paper.

In true Love Island style, these aren't the only Islanders who are setting foot into the villa; expect to see some more newbies, and no doubt, shit will hit the fan some time soon.