NO FUN NOVEMBER? What to do in the worst month of the year...

Halloween is over. Bonfire night is over. Even the excuse to be grumpy and scoff chocolate (Week 5) is over. WHAT NEXT? I don’t know about you, but it feels way too early to start celebrating Christmas, or even Bridgemas, despite the fact we’ve got 4 boxes full of Santa hats in the office ready for Week 8. But this begs the question - what is there to do in November????

How many Santa hats is too many Santa hats? This many. 


1. Christmas shopping

Okay, I know I said it was too early to start celebrating Christmas, but it’s not too early to start preparing. If John Lewis has got Christmas lights up, then it’s time to whack out your Christmas list and your credit card and get buying.

Arguably more magical than Hogwarts.


2. Watch Disney films

It’s winter, the skies are grey, the wind is howling like this swirling storm inside - what else are you going to do but ignore your essay and watch Frozen? Seasonally appropriate, and all about running away to ignore your problems, what’s more fitting for the end of Michaelmas term?

Will I let it go? Never.


3. Start getting excited about May Week

It might be farther away than Christmas (or even Easter), but tickets for May Balls are starting to go on sale soon. Get yourself on, search for ‘Launch Party’ in Facebook events, and hit up the launch parties to find out the themes and do your market research. 10/10 recommend the Churchill Spring Ball Launch and Corpus May Ball Launch coming up the next two Thursdays!

Too soon? Maybe. Do we care? Not at all. 


4. Learn to bake

Tis the season to get fat ready for winter, so why not whack out some Delia Smith recipes and get those mince pies ready for winter. You’ll be the most popular person in college and your mum will love you when you go home. It’s all worth it for love, affection and cake.



5. Go Clubbing

In the midst of the cold winter months, through the trauma of essays and lectures and your DOS shouting at you for not doing enough work, there’s been one thing there for you, week in week out: the Big Fish club nights. Every Tuesday Cindies, Wednesday Fez and Thursday Lolas, we’ll be there, waiting to alleviate the misery and pain, with tickets from £1 and drinks from £1.50. At the end of the month we’ll even have Santa hats. How could you resist?

Could you be this happy in November? Come along and find out...