Which Pancake Topping Is Your Favourite Cambridge Club?

Pancake day is nearly here so it's time to get my best baggy ('edgy'?) t-shirts washed and ready to go for my immediate impregnation by the ungodly amounts of carbs and sugars I will be consuming for breakfast brunch lunch and dinner on Tuesday the 5th March.

Not much of the above is controversial, but what people put on their pancakes definitely is. And surprise surprise, Cambridge's night clubs also have a favorite topping! But who likes what? Keep scrolling to find out...

Cindies: Lemon and Sugar

Standard and popular. Bitter lengthly queue before the sweetness of finally being allowed to hand over your money to go in. Always a staple at any dinner table. If you thought we were talking about Cindies, you could be forgiven, for we are actually referring to the age-old topping that is lemon & sugar, for this topping has been and always will be at every pancake eater's table just like Wednesday night is in a Cambridge student's blood. 

Fez - Biscoff Spread and Crumbled Biscoff with Whipped Cream

Just like Saturday Fez this term, it was new to us but fuck my mouth it's good. If you like Biscoff biscuits (everyone does) this is like one of those 'decomposed' desserts you see on MasterChef with the different Biscoff elements, only it actually tastes good. To draw yet another parallel with Fez, this topping has always been there and we aren't really sure why we hadn't tried it before. Perhaps the classics like lemon & sugar (Cindies) took some of the limelight but this topping (club) is now very much centre-stage in our minds (Saturday nights).

Lola Lo: Peanut Butter & Banana

There's something for everyone here; fruity banana balanced by the peanut butter that melts into delicious gooeyness. Reminds me a lot of how Lola Lo's has two dance floors, with different music to please everyone. Top-notch and always delivers. 

Vinyl - Cheese

An absolute car crash of a club, and an absolute car crash of a topping. Just like Vinyl is having to pay people to go to their club with a VK, I think you'd have to give me more than a VK to eat this turd on a pancake. It's like having ketchup with ice cream!