Which Tab Article is Your College?

With the Tab's App launching today (Launch Party at LKD, see you there), the question on my lips is what the implications will be for everyone's favourite series: which (insert thing here) is your college? So to celebrate, here's 'Which Tab Article is your College?'.


Clare - The BNOC List

With ⅓ of the top ten BNOCs from this year from Clare, how could it not be the BNOC list? Much like the BNOC list, everyone has heard of it, and, like the BNOC list, everyone’s a little bit salty that they weren’t good enough for it.



Girton - FOMO: How to get over the fear of missing out

It’s the classic “lol Girton is so far away” joke. How do they get over their fear of missing out? How do they get over that hill? How do they get over the fact we all take the piss out of them? We’ll never know (because we can’t be bothered to visit).




Gonville and Caius: The Tab’s Guide to Drunk Food

With their accommodation literally on top of Gardies, and just down the road from Van of Life and Maccies, Caius is clearly the ‘Tab’s Guide to Drunk Food’. I wonder if it makes up for their weird rules for having to go to formal all the time? To be honest when I run into Caians at Gardies I’m usually too drunk from Lola’s to ask.


van of life


Homerton / Medwards: To Revise or Not to Revise

Apparently these two usually fight it out for the bottom of the Tompkins table, prompting the question of whether there’s a college-wide policy on not revising. Never mind, guys, you do you.




King's: Best Dressed

I can’t visit Kings without being intimidated by how cool and edgy everyone is, and how incredibly aesthetic their clothes are. The home of wavey garms, King’s is ‘The Tab’s Best Dressed’ series. All of them.



Newnham: All the different types of people in your lectures

Let’s face it, Newnham students are the only ones close enough to Sidgwick to actually bother with lectures. PLOT TWIST: ‘all the different types of people in your lectures’ are Newnhamites.



Pembroke: What Meal is Your College?

I heard that Pembroke has a Michelin star chef. I also have enough college envy that I’ll continue to perpetuate the myth that the food is the only good thing about the place.



Selwyn: Foolproof Guide to Nightlife

I might be biased here, but if anyone knows how to party it’s Selwynites. I’m honestly not sure if there’s been a Tuesday Cindies for the past 3 years that hasn’t been packed to the brim with Selwyn students, but God do they have fun.


Trinity: Snagging May Ball Tickets is More Important Than Your Degree

Quite frankly I don’t think I even need to explain this one.


Come along to Lola Los tonight (03/05) and celebrate the launch of the Tab App with free shots and discounted entry!