Jelly Baby

Jelly Baby

The Institution is BACK!

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You shouted and we listened! Jelly Baby is BACK! 

After a short hiatus we are back. Big Fish the legend, the institution returns to its rightful home of Tuesdays at Ballare. Not only that but we have brand new drinks deals to reveal. 

£1.50 selected drinks all night long

3 VKS for £5

Free entry guest list before 11pm.

Queue jump tickets starting from just £1

Drinks Deals
  • 4 VK's for £10
  • 4 J-Bombs for £10
  • Tuesday
  • -
Charity Night 1: World Wildlife Fund

Charity Night 1: World Wildlife Fund 4/6/19

The month of June is our CHARITY MONTH so join us at Cindies every Tuesday for Jelly Baby - 50% of all ticket sales will go to our chosen cause. Our first night is raising money for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and entry will be £3 guestlist (motd)

As well as 50% of our proceeds going directly to WWF, we will be giving the first 80 people through the door on the night a REUSABLE METAL STRAW, and 2 lucky winners from the guest list will win an adopted endangered animal from WWF (get posting names on the page NOW!!!) - we have picked a turtle as they have been so affected by plastic waste in the oceans e.g. straws, but the second animal to adopt will be picked by you all via a poll (to be released soon along with more information on the options!)

Get Tickets For 4 Jun