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You know that awkward moment when you’ve got to pull out of a gig at Poparatti because you’re presenting at the National TV Awards? I wouldn’t personally, because both Poparatti and the National TV Awards are still refusing to pay my fee. Toff from Made in Chelsea – and more recently, I’m A Celebrity – however, can strongly relate. What I’m trying to say is Toff has pulled out of Toffaratti on January 23rd because she is presenting at the National TV Awards. Do not fret! Toff will be joining on March 6th instead, and in the meantime, we have a very special guest replacement…

Dick & Dom!

Ahead of their visit to Cambridge in less than three weeks’ time, I rounded up 7 great moments from their hit children’s TV show we all used to watch, Dick & Dom in da Bungalow.

(1) Bogies in Glasgow Library

What more needs to be said? A classic edition of the classic game ‘Bogeys’ which would see Dick & Dom attempting to shout the word ‘Bogeys’ as loud as possible.

(2) Dick & Dom’s final song

The final episode ever of Dick & Dom in da Bungalow concluded with an epic musical number starring Dick & Dom, various supporting cast members of the previous 5 series, and several Bungalow Heads. Remarking that the show had been an excellent use of the viewer’s license fee, it ended, predictably, in anarchy.

(3) Muck or No Muck?

This beautiful parody of Deal or No Deal saw a laughably short Noel Edmunds-type character cramp up two minutes into the sketch, a thrilling game of opening boxes to determine who would leave the bungalow with prizes, and a chaotic finale which saw the bungalow roundly destroyed with various disgusting substances.

(4) DC Harry Batt vs David Schneider

The DC Harry Batt Interrogation Game would see the last placed Bungalow Head subject to an interrogation where they scored points by naming the ‘secret word’ as many times as possible without being caught. In this edition of the game, the Geordie detective Harry Batt is joined by junior detective Tynan, whose accent is rather hard to pin down. Actor David Schneider gives a bizarre defence of his alleged crime.

(5) Forfeit Auction: Call Centre

In the forfeit auction, Bungalow Heads could pay their hard-earned Bungalow Points on forfeits for their fellow contestants. In this episode, after being paid 60 Bungalow Points by their friend to take their place, Becky does a surprisingly good job in fielding calls in the mock-up call centre, leaving Dick & Dom with no choice but to throw disgusting things over their extras.

(6) Don’t Go Daddy

In this wonderfully creative game, the Bungalow Heads must work in pairs to prevent their ‘dads’ – extras dressed up in suits supposedly late for work – from escaping the room by holding onto their legs.

(7) Mr Choosy Head Dominos

I implore you to find a better Christmas present.

We know that this is an event you will want to attend, transforming Cindies into ‘da bungalow’ & being hosted by Dick and Dom on the ones and twos. What more could you want? Tickets for this will sell out, so purchase yours now! 

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